Windows XP, 7 still reigns supreme as Windows 8 gets minor UI fixes with ‘Update 2’

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As if Windows updates weren’t hard enough to keep track of already, Microsoft is readying yet another vaguely-named bundle just in time for August’s edition of Patch Tuesday. And akin to the previous upgrade, it will be dubbed Windows 8.1 Update 2, not Windows 8.2.

Why the marketing department at Redmond decided to go with the “Update x” moniker is beyond understanding. Regardless, this update is being billed as a minor UI fixer alongside a few more backend stability and safety patches. So those expecting — nay praying — for the Start Menu’s return, will need to wait until 2015.

Users readying their pitchforks and torches needn’t be hasty though. Understandably, Microsoft will be putting all its resources into the upcoming Windows 9 release, which seeming more likely, will fix all issues users found fault with in Windows 8.x.


The Microsoft plan laid out by Satya Nadella will also see Windows 9 covering every new “Windows” branded device succeeding it, so the OS has quite a range of hardware, screen resolutions and peripheral control devices to cover.

Although Windows 8.1 Update 2 won’t be the ultimate solution to user gripes, it seems that Microsoft can’t wait for the 8.x regime to be over too.

For the second straight month, Windows 8.x has seen a fall in market share. According to NetMarketShare, Windows XP and 7 are both still exceedingly popular with the people, both harbouring a comined share of over 76% in July. Windows 8.x however, languishes at 12.4%, dropping by a tenth of a percentage point since June.

Windows 9 (or whatever it’s due to be called) suddenly looks increasingly attractive to both 8.x users and Redmond. Update 2 should be pushed alongside additional Windows updates this coming Patch Tuesday, dated 12 August.

Featured Image: Pete via Flickr

Andy Walker, former editor


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