Slow motion iPhone 6 drop test decimates Apple’s large and bendy phone

We’re fans of watching phones beings shattered in slow-motion, especially iPhones. Just watching all that money go up in a shower of glass and metal is undeniably satisfying, as long as it’s not our iPhone. Thankfully, uBreakIFix seems to have money to burn and has conducted a cool little drop test experiment which proves just how delicate iPhone 6es are. From a drop-height of one-meter, the iPhone 6 is practically torn apart. The iPhone 4 and 5 (both tested in the video) fare a little better, exploding into nothingness at a height of 1.2-meters.

The iPhone 6’s ion-strengthened glass screens can’t hold up to much it seems, so keep those new phones firmly in hand. Apple had originally planned to use sapphire crystal screens for added strength and protection, but due to high production costs and a low drop test success rate — says this VentureBeat article — Apple went for the ion-strengthened glass, the company’s second choice in display hardware.

Enough natter, watch this fascinating video below of the iPhone 4,5 and 6 coming apart at a silky-smooth 16 000 frames per second.

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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