Winning: Windows 9 may be free upgrade for Windows 8.x users


Tomorrow could be big for Microsoft, as it launches Windows 9. With just under 24-hours until the company’s biggest launch since Vista, Microsoft is trying to win back its fans in a major way, at least according to one loose-lipped official. How major? It seems that Redmond is about to play its “I’m so sorry, here’s a cookie” card, by offering Windows 8.x users the chance to upgrade to its forthcoming OS free of charge.

CEO and President of the company’s Indonesian operations, Andrew Diantoro, has spilled the information in quite a declaratory manner on local website His statement is as follows (albeit bastardised by Google Translate):

Easy, when the OS (Windows 9) was launched later, users who have been using Windows 8 just need to do the update via his device. It will be installed automatically.

To clarify, Windows 9 (or whatever its due to be called) will behave like a massive service pack, instead of a brand new OS. For those who have upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1, the process of upgrading from 8.x to Windows 9 will be very similar.

windows 9 invite

For those not running Microsoft’s current OS, Windows 9 will need to be purchased and installed like any traditional OS.

The fledgling OS does exhibit a priority shift from Microsoft though, with re-adopted Windows 7-like start menu with a Modern UI spin, brand new virtual screen support and Cortana integration, which will still keep the ultra-mobile computing crowd chuffed. In theory it all sounds wonderful, but the company will need to deliver the goods this time round, reintroducing alienated fans to a more simplified, intuitive and widely accepted OS.

Will Windows 9 be the company’s saviour?

Featured image: WinFuture

Andy Walker, former editor


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