Windows 93 is Windows 95’s drunk cousin, but we love it anyway

What was your first version of Windows? I remember it like it was yesterday — good old, unreliable, crash-prone Windows 98. For those who remember a time when Windows 95 was top of the pops, this might make you a bit nostalgic.

A webpage uncovered by one of The Verge‘s employees when they were supposed to be hard at work, displays and runs the lost version of Windows — Windows 93. Built with JavaScript and CSS, this looks suspiciously like a rather elaborate coding project.

Featuring gems like an ASCII rendition of Star Wars, countless memes of hamsters with machine guns, foxes licking windows and ponies attempting to open the gates of Hell, it’s a recipe for workplace procrastination. It even has “Cat Explorer” — a fully functioning web explorer that loads DuckDuckGo as default. The list of goodies is really endless.

Finish it off with the PlayStation 1 opening soundtrack and a pro-1960s psychedelic colour scheme, and the nauseating trip through the bowels of the Nineties is complete. If you were born in the era when 16MB RAM was enough, this is for you. If you have no idea what Windows 95 is, this is probably for you too.

Visit and experience the mayhem of Windows 93 here.

Andy Walker, former editor


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