LaCie launches new USB Type-C external drive for 12-inch MacBook

LaCie (Seagate‘s fancy pants division) is the first company to jump on the USB Type-C external storage bandwagon when it launched its new Porsche Design Mobile Drive to complement the new Apple MacBook.

Following the news that Apple‘s newly launched 12-inch MacBook features just one input/output port in the form of a USB Type-C number, the company has duly obliged, crafting an external drive that will work with the multi-purpose port out of the box.

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LaCie notes that the drive supports the “the user–friendly connector of the future” and suggests that it’s fairly swift as well, claiming speeds of 100 MB/s.

The company noted that those with less-fortunate MacBooks and MacBook Airs can still use the drive, citing the inclusion of a connection which makes the drive compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 Type-A ports.

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While industry advancement is key to technology in general, using this drive on the single new MacBook port will mean that one can either transfer data or charge the machine.

Although USB Type-C is the future, it will probably take a few months before we see other industry leaders feature USB Type-C ports on their machines.

The drive is available in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB guises and will be available in the “next quarter,” Q2 2015.

Andy Walker, former editor


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