Nokia Lumia 830 tours New York with Denim Lumia Camera app [Gallery]

We always tend to marvel at some of the new camera hardware that leaves manufacturers’ testing tables. The likes of Sony might be the industry leader at the moment, but Nokia (and now Microsoft by proxy) is also known for making a spiffy camera or two.

The Nokia Lumia 830, launched back in 2014, boasted a 10MP camera with a Carl Zeiss lens, optical image stabilization (OIS) and an LED flash, but the phone recently acquired the new Lumia Denim update, and with it, the Lumia Camera app.

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Features like Rich Capture “automatically decides whether or not to apply exposure compensation, whether or not to use the flash and if HDR (high dynamic range) is needed to accurately capture a particular scene,” notes Microsoft, and the Lumia Selfie feature which “lets you apply a range of filters and corrections to your selfies.”

It sounds a lot like marketing fluff, but the results are pretty amazing.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your Lumia device, give the Denim update a go. And if you’re interesting in why it’s a good idea, have a look at Microsoft’s recent camera tour of New York below.

Nokia Lumia 830 tours New York with the Denim Lumia Camera app
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Nokia Lumia 830

The High Line - Accurate Colour And Crisp Detail

The New York skyline from a different angle.

Eighth Avenue - Good Low-light Performance

Eighth Avenue at night.

New York Streets - Impressive Detail And Contrast

New York isn't all yellow taxis.

911 Memorial - Solid Subject Isolation

The World Trade Centre memorial.

One World Trade Center - Great Detail And Natural Colour

One World Trade Centre, one of the tallest buildings in the world.

The High Line - Excellent Dynamic Range Capabilities

The Lumia Camera app excels at low light snapping.



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