Chinese OUYE console is a $70 Frankenstein PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Here’s a thought: what would happen if Sony and Microsoft ever joined forces to create a console in this current generation? A Chinese company is hoping to make this a reality, in a somewhat convoluted way.

It’s creation is called the OUYE, and its about as blatant a ripoff as ripoffs come, even in the history of Chinese products we’ve seen over the years.

Boasting the distinctive grate from the Xbox One‘s enormous exhaust fan and the slanting dual pillar design of the PlayStation 4, it’s essentially the unwanted bastard child of two companies that had a little too much wine one night. But the exterior at least, is all that’s really apparently lifted.

Oh wait, no it’s not.

The controller is straight out of Redmond, except the Xbox One button is replaced with a mishmash of “select” and “start” rubbers, it seems. And although you’d expect the company to copy an OS from its rivals too, it looks like it has chosen Android 4.4.2 in its quest. Admirable.

But the bad news doesn’t stop there. The internals make a Nintendo Wii look like a super computer. We have 2GB of RAM, a PowerVR G6230 GPU and a measly 16GB of flash storage. The company will sell the console for around US$70, but it’s first looking for US$15 000 on a Chinese crowdfunding platform.

Have a look at the quite incredible explainer with images below.

ouye infographic



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