6TB WD Black hard drives now available in South Africa

WD, one of the world’s biggest hard drive manufacturers, has announced that its performance-orientated WD Black drives are now available in 6TB and 5TB guises.

The Black drive is primarily marketed to gamers, those looking for better performance in workstations or your average speed monger who doesn’t quite want an SSD just yet. The 3.5-inch drive is designed for desktops, and includes rotational speeds of 7200, a 128MB cache and SATA 6Gbps interface.

All this means that the Black drives are around 29% faster than the older WD Black 4TB drives.

“Featuring extreme performance and a rock solid mechanical architecture, the WD Black 6 TB 3.5-inch hard drive is perfect for increasingly demanding environments where only the best will do,” notes Kalvin Subbadu, WD South Africa sales manager.

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“WD Black delivers the perfect combination of high performance, reliability and cutting edge technology, ideal for high performance workstations, database mining, photo and video editing, gaming and more.”

The company also claims that the Black drives offer increased reliability thanks to its StableTrac motor stabilisation technology, increased DRAM cache and “efficient dual processing” thanks to an embedded dual-core processor.

The new 6TB WD Black drives are now available from selected retailers, arrives with a five year limited warranty and will render your wallets around R4699 lighter. The 5TB model which will retail for R3999.



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