iPhone 6S users reporting overheating issues, disabled camera flash

Select Reddit users are reporting that their new iPhone 6S units are running a little hotter than what’s usual. One in particular posted an image that seems to be as the result of the overheating: his flash was disabled in the camera app.

“The phone hadn’t been used for anything intensive or demanding prior to trying to take pics, just cruising through Facebook randomly, and was stowed away in my back pocket mostly,” bcarp914 writes

“I’ve noticed this phone, 6s Plus, has been the warmest to the touch of all the iPhones I’ve owned.”

And this doesn’t seem to be the only case of the iPhone 6S running a little warmer than its counterparts.

PhoneArena suggests that the iPhone 6S maxed out at a rather toasty 38.8 degrees Celsius (or 102 degree Fahrenheit), which is not as hot as the HTC One M9 with the infamous Snapdragon 810, but is in the higher echelons of smartphone toasters. The publication suggests that the average smartphone temperature is around 32 degrees Celsius.

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But the overheating’s side effect is an interesting one, as depicted in bcarp914’s image below.

iphone 6s heating issues bcarp914

Image: bcarp914 via Imgur

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of smartphones running a little too hot for comfort, but it is unusual for the usually cool iPhone series. Additionally, after the Bendgate saga of late 2014 with the iPhone 6, Apple will be hoping that the overheating issue is unique to just a few devices and not the beginning of another manufacturing fault saga.

Apple has yet to comment on the news, but have you experienced any heating issues with your new iPhone 6S? Let us know in the comments section.



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