rAge Expo’s ‘Home Coded’ stand aims to mix game development with job creation

NAG’s annual rAge Expo, South Africa’s biggest gaming and electronic entertainment expo, is nearly upon us once again. The publisher will once again showcase gaming as an alternative employment option at its Home Coded stand.

Come 9-11 October, the Home Coded stand will “aim to showcase the very best in South African game development talent, and promote local growth in this exciting industry,” notes the press release.

Started in 2012, the Home Coded stands aims to see the prospective growth of the South African gaming industry. Zero Degrees Games‘ Geoff Burrows explains:

The world of gaming, although relatively small in South Africa, is showing a steady growth rate.  This means that sustainable career opportunities are being created, as well as an increase in revenue contributing to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  Globally gaming is an industry valued at an estimated US$91.5-billion; with South Africa in dire need for job creation, gaming is well positioned to provide the platform.

The gaming industry in South Africa has grown by 5% since 2003, notes the presser, with a massive 82% revenue increase from 2013 to 2014. That equates to a R24-million jump in revenue.

Burrows suggests that the Home Coded stand provides a pertinent place in developing young game developer talent.

This is not only a great marketing opportunity for the developers, but a chance to see what it’s like to have a “real” booth at a big gaming show: they have a 2x2m stand to do with what they choose. This initiative is aimed at driving local talent and creating an environment where all of our demographic groups can come together, learn together, and drive this industry into the future.



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