Samsung’s trying to remedy Snapdragon 820 heat woes, report suggests

Poor Qualcomm. It tried its best to disguise how awful its HTC One M9 chip was, the Snapdragon 810, but it seems that its successor is suffering from the same issues all over again.

According to Business Korea (picked up by SamMobile), the Snapdragon 820 also gets a little hot under the collar, and unlikely hero Samsung is trying to solve the issue. Of course, the chip uses Samsung’s design process, so it does have a certain degree of emotional (if not financial) investment in the chip.

More intriguingly though, there have been rumours suggesting that the company wants to use a bevy of three chipsets in its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7, and the 820 is one of them. So solving the heat issues is a fairly important step for Samsung.

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According to the report, the company has used microcode to essentially restrict the chip using software, but has also suggested that heat pipes might be in order. Essentially, the heat pipes within the phone will help dissipate the heat over a larger surface area, thus cooling the device more effectively.

Of course, Qualcomm is still reeling from the debut of the Snapdragon 810, a chip that has damaged the company’s reputation for producing high-performance chipsets.

It claims that the 820 is much faster and more efficient than its predecessor, but clearly there are a few design kinks that require ironing out before the chips big bow.



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