PlayStation 4 remote play app coming to PC, Apple Mac

Fancy playing PlayStation 4 games using your PC? Don’t worry, an app is coming soon for that.

Sony PlayStation’s president of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, revealed on Twitter that the company is “indeed working on an official app for PC/Mac.”

Following in Microsoft‘s Xbox One footsteps with the company’s Windows 10 platform interchangeability, the app will likely let users blast through titles on the PC and Mac using the PlayStation 4 as the engine. It’ll likely function similarly to the PlayStation TV, with that device acting as a proxy for another screen in the home.

While we aren’t wholly surprised by the move, especially since Sony has also recently backtracked on its firm stance on backwards compatibility, there are other ways to access the PlayStation 4 using a PC. These plans have recently been outed by a Redditor, and the results definitely looked promising.

Of course, the Sony PlayStation 4 is currently enjoying a healthy lead in the sales race this generation, with the company recently announcing worldwide sales tipping the scales at just over 30-million since its launch in 2013.

Yoshida failed to give users a definite answer regarding availability or launch date though, but we can probably expect a reveal well before E3 2016. It does however sound as though Sony’s chasing Microsoft, even if the latter largely gave up on chasing the Japanese giant entirely.



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