You can still run Windows 95 with this nifty browser trick

We get nostalgic now and again at Gearburn, whether it’s chatting about great BlackBerry smartphones of years gone by, or wondering how some savvy individuals get Doom running on Apple Watches. But this time around, we’re talking about one of Microsoft’s benchmark operating systems, Windows 95.

Last year we saw Windows 95 running on the Apple Watch and the New Nintendo 3DS, but this time, we look at a platform a little closer to home.

The Windows that I first experienced as a wee little boy can now be run on modern hardware courtesy of a web browser and some nifty coded wizardry of Andrea Faulds, a 19-year-old Scottish developer.

It’s a fully fledged native version of Windows 95 running in a browser window, which adds testament to how far we’ve really come in just 20-or-so years, and how ridiculously rudimentary older OSes were in comparison to the current state of affairs. Still, Faulds’ work shouldn’t be taken for granted.

You can read about the exploits, toils and triumphs endured and experienced while attempting to get this system working, but the secondary reason given for the project (after educational) was this: “because it’s fun, duh.”

With that said, you can join in the fun here.

Feature image: Roger Schultz via Flickr



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