Atari (yes, that Atari) wants to make IoT ware for pets with Sigfox


Few names in the gaming industry induces more chills than Atari. The company, responsible for the likes of Pong, has announced that it’s returning to popular culture in a big, big way. But not that way.

Instead of hitting television screens through a new console, Atari is partnering with Sigfox for an Internet of Things play.

The collaboration will cover a wide range of new Atari products, from the very simple to the highly sophisticated, providing customers with an easy way to know at any time where the devices are and what their status is. The initial product line will include categories such as home, pets, lifestyle and safety,” reads the press release.

According to Sigfox’s CEO Ludovic Le Moan, Atari has “disruption rooted in their DNA.”

We’re not too sure how the two companies plan to disrupt the IoT space, nor do we know any details regarding the products planned, but we do know that the two will feed off each other’s expertise: largely, Atari’s name, and Sigfox’s IoT savvy.

By connecting to SIGFOX’s global network, the products will benefit from its competitive advantages: a very long battery life and a simple solution that does not require local Internet connectivity and pairing,” said the press release.

Our personal opinion: we’re silently hoping for a gaming console, even if it is for cats.

Feature image: moparx via Flickr

Andy Walker, former editor


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