The Gearburn Podcast #4: is Nintendo Switch console gaming’s saviour?

nintendo switch

If you’re still pinching yourself after the Nintendo Switch announcement, worry not, because we are too.

It’s not every day that Kyoto announces something hardware related. Hell, it’s not every day we get a new title announcement from the company. But last week, we saw the Nintendo Switch and a slew of new non-Nintendo titles running on it.

It was one of the most exciting three minute trailers we’ve seen in ages.

In The Gearburn Podcast this week, Andy Walker is joined by Hadlee Simons and Graham van der Made — the three biggest nerds at Gearburn — to chat about Nintendo‘s new console.

Previously known as the Nintendo NX, the Switch is an odd combination of the Nintendo 3DS handheld and the Nintendo Wii U‘s gamepad. Except, you know, more useful.

The Nintendo Switch will launch March 2017, but more information will be made available in January

In fact, you could say the Switch is almost the exact opposite of the Wii U. Its screen — which some suggest will be 6.2-inches — slots into a semi-permanent docking station. This station serves as a charger, and a television out connector. The console will also seemingly use game cards instead of discs, and will boast Nvidia internals.

When you don’t fancy sitting in front of a bit screen, you can also slide the screen out of the dock, attach the controller’s controls to the side of the screen and walk around with it, as you would a 3DS.

5 things we learned from Nintendo Switch’s reveal

We thought this day would never arrive, but Nintendo‘s eight-and-a-half generation console is finally here. No, it’s not called the Nintendo NX, but rather the Nintendo Switch, which is pretty apt to say the least. Read more…

It’s quite brilliant, and includes a slew of other nifty features, but clearly, Nintendo isn’t about to give up the safe for the unconventional.

With this in mind, is the Nintendo Switch the console that will finally sway PC gamers, or at least change the current moar powar war between Sony and Microsoft?

We discuss this, and more, in our latest episode of The Gearburn Podcast below.

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