Battlefield 1 servers heading to South Africa, DICE confirms

battlefield 1

EA-owned developer DICE has announced that it will be bringing game servers to South Africa, pleasing the slew of Battlefield 1 players in the country.

In a forum post published in the early hours of the morning, DICE rent-a-server producer Alexander Hassoon announced that the company will be serving the likes of South Africa, the Middle East and Hong Kong.

“I am very happy to announce that we will be deploying official DICE online game servers for the following regions in early 2017,” Hassoon explained.

“These are but the first steps in our ongoing effort to keep supporting Battlefield 1 and our community.”

Battlefield 1 players can expect DICE servers to be operational in South Africa in ‘early 2017’

DICE was left facing a slew of questions from South African gamers after it emerged that the country will not be allocated servers for Battlefield 1. But DICE quickly changed its tune.

The below mention from Battlefield stalwart JackFrags also surely didn’t hurt, which was soon picked up by DICE’s LA producer, David Sirland.

An official launch date has not yet been announced.

Andy Walker, former editor


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