LG G6: what’s the camera like? Check these samples

We’ve had the LG G6 for a few days now, having already taken a look at the phone’s audio recording credentials. But the new handset also packs an improved camera system in many ways.

The new phone features a normal 13MP f/1.8 shooter and a 13MP f/2.4 wide-angle camera that sees a notable jump over the G5’s 8MP snapper. The normal camera does see a resolution drop though, moving from 16MP to 13MP.

So do we see some great results from these two cameras, then? You be the judge…

So, is the #LGG6 any good in the camera department? Check out some of our samples. #newlandsforest #capetown

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We’ve also got a few more shots, seen in the gallery below. Our preliminary takeaway? Unlike Apple and Samsung’s devices (and like the V20), you’ll definitely want to take multiple shots for the best results. Snaps can be wildly inconsistent, particularly the two beer shots. I’m not sure if the culprit is image processing, the lack of optical image stabilisation or a little bit of both…

Still, you can get some excellent shots anyway.

LG G6 samples
left right

Lg G6 Sample

You can just about make out the cable from the cable car, while the little crags are all visible in this lovely snap. Our only qualm? Some noise or artifacts in the blue sky.

Lg G6 Sample

Macro shots in a dimly lit bar are definitely possible. And the matchbox packs a solid level of detail.

Lg G6 Sample

It's not a great shot by any means, with the camera seemingly focused on the matchbox instead. But it doesn't have as much grain as the other snap.

Lg G6 Sample

One of those unpredictable shots I was talking about. A ton of grain is present here.

Lg G6 Sample

A wide-angle shot with a slightly different angle. You're packing more into the shot, but the detail (such as foliage) definitely looks fuzzier. Still, an Instagram-worthy shot indeed.

Lg G6 Sample

Some very pleasant colours in this shot, no HDR needed. There's more than enough resolvable detail for cropping too.

Lg G6 Sample

A normal shot in HDR. You can definitely see a more detailed image here, with the car's number plate as an example.

Lg G6 Sample

A wide-angle shot in HDR. The colours are extremely saturated, and there are halos around the trees. But a lack of detail and definition is probably the main culprit here.



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