HMD CEO promises ‘two years’ of Android updates – Nokia 3 included

The HMD/Nokia partnership has officially kicked off in South Africa, with the launch of the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 smartphones.

These new handsets have a lot going for them, such as pure Android and an attractive price. But HMD Global is also promising plenty of updates for your device.

“What we are now committing (to) is that whenever a consumer buys a device, two years from that we will do the updates…” HMD Global CEO Arto Nummela told Gearburn at the South African launch event.

The Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 certainly support Android updates, but what about the Nokia 3?

Is this true for each model though? Would this apply to the cheapest Nokia 3 handset?

“Yes, and this is the nuance of it… MTK (MediaTek) doesn’t support 7.1.1. Qualcomm supports that… We said to MTK, if you are our chipset provider, you have to commit to get the latest and greatest.”

Nummela added that they were thus working to get the latest Android updates in partnership with MediaTek “as the first of any manufacturer”.

Otherwise, the HMD CEO reiterated that monthly security updates would also be rolled out to the new phones.



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