LG G6+ is now official, vanilla G6 gets new features too

LG G6+,LG G6

The LG G6 (review) is one of our favourite smartphones of 2017 thus far, delivering a great, durable design, a capable dual-camera setup and that high screen/body ratio. Now, the South Korean firm has stepped up to the plate with the LG G6+.

The tweaked variant delivers most of the same specs as the vanilla G6, but packs 128GB of expandable storage and a quad-DAC as standard. The phone also comes with B&O headphones to take advantage of the audio hardware.

LG adds that the new phone will also pack wireless charging in some markets.

LG is also delivering three new features for existing G6 owners, starting with facial unlock tech dubbed Face Print.

The LG G6+ features more storage and better audio hardware, but the normal G6 is also getting some love

“With Face Print, owners can unlock the LG G6 by simply holding the phone up to their faces without the need to press any buttons. Unlocking occurs as soon as the registered face is recognised, usually in less than one second on average. The camera is only activated when the phone is raised to the face so there is no additional battery drain when using Face Print,” the firm explains.

There’s no word on how secure this will be however, given past vulnerabilities associated with facial unlocking.

Another feature, dubbed Low Power Consumption, uses Qualcomm’s sensor hub to collect data, reducing battery drain. Finally, LG is also implementing a long-overdue cover lens warning function into the G6, alerting you to stray fingers in the viewfinder.

Otherwise, the G6 will also receive two new colours in the form of Optical Marine Blue and Optical Terra Gold.

The G6 update will be coming next month, while the LG G6+ hasn’t received a launch date. We’ve asked LG SA about local availability and will update the article if/when we receive a response.



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