Game of Thrones cinematographer ‘praises’ LG V30 video chops

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Many high-end smartphones boast great video recording capabilities, but LG’s V series is at the top of the pile when it comes to sheer variety of options. Now, Game of Thrones cinematographer David Franco has seemingly heaped praise on the LG V30.

In an interview posted on AdWeek, Franco revealed that he teamed up with LG to get early hands-on time with the new handset. The result was a pretty mundane but well-shot Day in the Life video montage, which can be seen on the AdWeek website.

The cinematographer/director of photography (DP) told the publication that he rarely carries a DSLR camera these days, using a smartphone to quickly document everything work-related. He adds that he also requires a phone with “amazing” photo and video quality.

“That’s why I partnered with LG to launch the new V30 smartphone, which was designed specifically for cinematic videography. As a DP, I know the importance of video quality, so having a phone that produces rich, high-quality videos conveniently is great. I can say from personal experience that this phone has raised the bar, bringing professional video features to everyone.”

Game of Thrones cinematographer David Franco had good things to say about the LG V30

Franco says he got the opportunity to shoot with the V30 “earlier than anyone else”, detailing his creative process.

“In terms of my process when shooting this video, I was able to combine my professional background with the phone’s video capabilities. For example, the V30’s Cine Video Mode takes care of coloration with Cine Effect. This makes it a piece of cake to select the right colour scheme, depending upon your scenery and what kind of mood you want to impart in the moment. You can also control the intensity of the colours and even give it a vignette effect.”

It’s certainly very high praise, but it’s worth emphasising the partnership between LG and Franco. So it might not be his full opinion of the V30. Still, check out the video on AdWeek for the cinematographer’s results.



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