LG V30: check these camera samples

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The LG V30+ was a rather surprising entrant in the South African smartphone space. We thought we’d be getting the vanilla V30. After all, we received the least exciting LG G6 variant.

Between the Snapdragon 835 processor, 3300mAh battery and OLED screen, there’s plenty to like about the phone on paper. But what about the camera setup?

The phone packs a rather noteworthy 16MP f/1.6 aperture main camera, backed up by a f/1.9 13MP main shooter. These aren’t the biggest sensors, nor do they have the biggest pixels (at 1 micron), but do you notice this? We’ve got a few samples, taken with our review unit. Right click and open them to view the full-resolution shots.

Our preliminary verdict? It’s still not quite fire and forget, as you take multiple shots to get a good result. But it’s clear that you can get some great snaps nonetheless.

LG V30 samples
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Lg V30 Smartphone




Lg V30 Sample

The phone managed to capture plenty of detail in the rock, the lei's dying petals coming in a close second here.

Lg V30 Sample

The HDR did a good job of lifting out foreground detail as I shot the sunset.

Lg V30 Sample

The LG used HDR in this wide angle shot, keeping the sky a lovely blue.

Lg V30 Sample

The standard version of this scene also saw HDR engaged, but the sky was blown out still.

Lg V30 Sample

A quick shot of fruit salad is serviceable, as the grapes and berries mostly show well-defined lines. Meanwhile, colours bled out from the edges when it came to the other fruit.

Lg V30 Sample

The phone automatically triggered HDR in the wide-angle shot, ostensibly due to the window in the shot. But it resulted in a more vibrant shot. Well, more vibrant for snow-swept Frankfurt.

Lg V30 Sample

The normal-angle shot opted for standard dynamic range, featuring a very drab colour scheme. But it's got a good amount of resolvable detail as you zoom around.




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