You can now get a SNES emulator on your hacked PS4

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The past month has seen the hacking community go into overdrive after the PS4 was successfully hacked.

Earlier this week saw the release of a tool to run PS2 ISOs on hacked consoles, essentially leveraging Sony’s own emulation for PS2 games on the PlayStation Store.

Now, we’ve seen another notable program pop up on compromised machines, in the form of a SNES emulator. For those keeping track, SNES emulators are available on almost every hacked gaming platform since the late 1990s, popping up on the Sega Dreamcast, original Xbox, PS2 and loads of other machines.

“Don’t expect everything to run perfect. Hopefully this scratches that retro itch until proper PS4 Homebrew emulation is built,” read a tweet from developer @Wolfenst9.

Hoping to get on the bandwagon? Well, you’ll need to have a PS4 with firmware 4.05, so if you played a game released in 2017, you’re most likely out of luck. You’ll also want to own the original SNES games to steer somewhat clear of the law.

The PS4 isn’t the only current-generation console to get the hacking treatment though, as the Nintendo Switch has also been cracked open recently.

Featured image: Ian Dick via Flickr (CC BY 2.0, resized)



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