Far Cry 5 will let you create, share scenarios/maps

far cry 5

Scenario and map editors are all too rare in today’s video games, but the Far Cry franchise has kept up with this tradition for the most part. Now, Ubisoft has revealed a drastically upgraded map and scenario editor for Far Cry 5, called Far Cry Arcade.

The new suite lets you “build, share and play an endless variety of custom maps”, using over 9000 objects (including items from various Ubisoft properties) and being able to tweak aspects like the day/night cycle. Additionally, the firm says that they’ll be highlighting top maps and giving you the ability to follow specific creators.

A trailer for the Far Cry Arcade suite shows players using aircraft, machine gun emplacements, jet skis and a host of weapons.

“It’s really our platform where all of our players can build Far Cry bite-sized experiences and then share them with the community and let everyone play and experience the great user-generated content,” said Clark Davies, lead game designer of Far Cry 5, in a video.

The suite will allow for single-player, cooperative and 12 player PVP experiences.

Far Cry 5 is set to launch on 27 March.



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