Fans petition Blizzard to play Overwatch League Stage 4 on the current patch

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Overwatch League’s Stage 4 may be played on a patch that does not include the rework of Hanzo, and fans are pissed.

Currently, the game is played on the last stable patch, which Blizzard claims gives teams an adequate amount of time to practice. However this meant that Stage 3 saw an old version of Blizzard World used, not the version currently live on global servers.

A quick visit to r/CompetitiveOverwatch today, and you can get a taste of how fans of the game and League are reacting.

“Pros should play the same game we all have to play and suffer through. They are pros lets see how they deal with it,” reads a comment.

“Hanzo scatter is boring to watch and boring to play against. We all love new hanzo and want to see him played,” writes another user.

But it’s not simply angry comments. A fan has created a petition on to force Blizzard’s hand to stage the fourth swing of the League on the current patch, featuring Storm Arrow Hanzo, a buffed Lucio, and a host of nerfs to Brigitte, Genji, Tracer and Junkrat.

“Blizzard, and the organizers of Overwatch League need to run Stage 4 on the current patch that lines up with what actual players are experiencing today,” reads the petition, which at the time of writing has received more than 600 signatures.

It’s not clear whether Blizzard will give in to the community, but perhaps the developer should ponder the move more closely.

“Seeing Hanzo in pro play would make me watch overwatch league again! I’m not even sure I’m going to watch this stage…” admitted one fan in the petition.

Overwatch League’s final stage is set to begin on 16 May 2018.

Feature image: Blizzard Entertainment/Overwatch

Andy Walker, former editor


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