Your home computer is at risk of being hacked too [Sponsored]

When cyber security is covered in mainstream media, more often than not the victim of an attack or breach is a big firm with tens of thousands of users.

In the recent past the likes of Yahoo!, Under Armour, and Facebook have fallen victim to breaches of some degree. Some were not as severe as others, but all — to some degree — affected users. Users like you.

In South Africa, data security has never been as imperative as it is today.

But signing up to a service and praying that your data will be safe and secure in their data clouds isn’t the only thing users can do. In fact, your computer too is always at risk of being hacked.

Be it at work or at your home, wherever you access the internet, you’re braving a minefield of potential hazards, pitfalls, and data security monsters.

Sounds scary doesn’t it? But users can take as much control of their internet browsing lifestyles as much as their own physical space.

For one, it’s best practice to use antivirus software that monitors your internet traffic in real-time, seeking bogeys and eliminating them. If you prefer and remember, you can also use an on-demand scanning solution to ensure older computers can run as quickly as possible.

Installing a browser with ad- and javascript-blocking features also helps in cleaning up websites you frequent.

Additionally, understanding the risks whenever you download a new program, attachment or even image from the internet is extremely important.

To prevent yourself from falling victim to cybercrime, with legal fees escalating year-on-year, and the effects being far reaching, one great option that’s designed for cyber threats facing personal users is cyber insurance.

Now it’s not just businesses that can enjoy this kind of cover, but individuals too.

Think of it as physical insurance for the digital realm. You insure your house. You definitely should insure your digital world too.

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Feature image: TheDigitalWay via Pixabay

This article is sponsored by Dialdirect Insurance Ltd an authorised financial services provider (FSP 15259).



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