Minecraft esports league for Curro school learners

curro school minecraft esports

While esports might make you think of competitive titles such as Fortnite or League of Legends, Curro is using Minecraft as an esports arena for school learners.

This makes the independent education provider the first academic institution to officially use Minecraft: Education Edition as an esports arena.

“For the past month, Curro learners from age 9-14 have been taking part in the inaugural Curro Clash Minecraft Esport League, where teams have been competitively building pirate-themed items within the Minecraft world,” Curro said in a statement.

The idea to use Minecraft as an arena came as a result of lockdown. Since learners couldn’t gather for extra-curricular activities, the event provides a way to compete remotely.

“During lockdown esports became an amazing opportunity because learners couldn’t connect via traditional sports or clubs. The online world of Minecraft creates a perfect digital environment for learners to collaborate and play,” Angela Schaerer, Technology Business Relationships Manager at Curro, says.

Minecraft as an esports arena at school

So what do these Minecraft challenges involve?

Around 200 learners, with 20 teams consisting of up to 10 players, have taken part in the league.

“Two teams meet in the Pirate Cove Make and Model arena, a virtual world specifically created in Minecraft to host competitive gameplay,” Curro says.

Teams then have to build a pirate-themed object with Minecraft building blocks. Teams get a time limit of 30 minutes.

The hosting teacher then judges the creations by allocating points according to a specific rubric. The rubric includes factors such as teamwork, use of colour, and size and scale.

Piloting this project for Microsoft has been a privilege, and to see the enthusiasm of both the learners and teachers towards this Minecraft competition has been inspiring,” Schaerer notes.

“To experience how these players work together to build these incredibly detailed structures is remarkable.”

Livestream, shoutcasting for finals

In true esports fashion, Curro will livestream and add shoutcasting to the league finals.

This will allow learners to watch the finals live and experience esports commentary.

The finals take place at 4pm on Saturday, 11 July. SEI TV will stream the event.

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