LG launching its first QNED Mini-LED in SA: Here’s its price

LG QNED Mini LED tv price south africa

LG is bringing its first LG QNED Mini-LED TV to local South Africa with the launch of its 75-inch 4K model in South Africa in October.

The range of Mini-LED TVs was first announced at CES 2021, with LG stating that the range takes “LCD technology to new heights”.

What is a mini LED TV?

These televisions include a much larger number of LED lights in the backlighting of their LCD displays. Rather than a few hundred LEDs, LG’s QNED televisions feature up to 30 000 mini LEDs.

Their smaller size and higher density, according to LG, also result in brighter images with a better level of detail.

In addition to this, the TVs also feature full-array local dimming and a higher contrast ratio than a typical LCD display.

Mini-LED technology aims to tackle the drawback of typical LCD displays such as low contrast and the bleeding of backlighting into darker zones, as well as the halo effect in dark scenes.

The model LG is launching in South Africa features a 4K resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. It also features LG’s Quantum Dot technology for increased colour accuracy and saturation.

“LG’s QNED Mini-LED TV is also the first display in the world to use both NanoCell and Quantum Dot technologies,” the company notes.

The smart TVs feature LG’s fourth-generation α9 AI processor to power its smart capabilities, along with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support.

LG QNED Mini-LED TV Price in South Africa

The 75-inch 4K 90 Series Smart TV model launching in South Africa will have a price of R54 999.

While LG didn’t give an exact date for the TV launch, it will start appearing in stores in October.

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Feature image: LG

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