Spoiler alert: Here’s what to expect from Huawei at their launch in 2023


Incoming from Huawei Consumer Group this year is a fleet of innovative new tech, some award-winning devices ready to destabilize the market, and a drop-ready screen guard named Kunlun Glass to protect the latest Huawei smartphones.

This year, Huawei’s product launch is in May and we suspect some sizzling tech devices that are most likely to have many reaching for their pockets.

First on the list of incoming devices is the addition of a new flagship Huawei P- series model smartphone.

Since the beginning of the Huawei P9 phone, the P-series has always made a strong emphasis on the camera and functionality.

In partnership with German manufacturer Leica, the P-series has always made a statement in design and innovative camera prowess, and this year, considering massive amounts hype around their latest P-series, we can tell that the latest P-series addition means business.

Huawei will most likely introduce a number of devices such as the latest Huawei Buds, a possible new smartwatch alongside the latest Matebook if our sources are accurate.

Watch Buds?

What happened to the Huawei Watch Buds?

During the launch of the Huawei Mate50Pro in South Africa, Huawei unveiled their incoming innovative pair, a set named the Huawei Watch Buds.

A collective which promised to disrupt the norm with earbuds that were inside a watch.

The Huawei Watch Buds are on our list of impressively smart watches which we had hoped would arrive in 2022.

Two magnetic earphones under the watches display was just the right amount of innovative thinking we need and hope the watch buds are on the list of devices scheduled to hit our shores in May.

Huawei P-series loyalty

In 2022 Huawei introduced the Huawei P50 Pro which comes from a history of loyal consumers.

In the same year, the consumer group also launched the MateXs, their flagship Matebook and the MateBook X Pro laptop.

This year the tech giant will most likely introduce a worthy upgrade from Huawei P50 Pro, including the latest version of MateBooks.

Huawei introduced the Huawei Mate Pad 11 at their UAE flagship product launch this year and we hope the Mate Pad 11 will be among a competent lineup of innovative products expected at the South African Huawei flagship product launch.

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