How Apple’s Vision Pro takes on Facebook’s, mixed-reality market

Apple launched their new thinnest MacBook Air alongside new operating systems for the Apple product line at their World Developers Conference.

Part of the major announcement was the introduction of Apple’s mixed reality headgear called the Vision Pro.

The Vision Pro comes in as a major competitor to Meta’s mixed reality market and the Oculus Quest Pro, as it also targets the mixed reality market to focus on streaming, gaming, and conferencing alongside health and fitness.

Last October, Meta confirmed the release of its virtual reality headset the Oculus Quest Pro. CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed project Cambria would include better Avatar responses and a new way for productivity in company workspaces.

Project Cambria was Meta’s move towards virtual reality and the Oculus Quest Pro headset was Meta’s plan to carve a solid way forward.

Apple’s Vision Pro, retailing at $3499 operating on visionOS will focus on displaying digital elements in the real world.

The Vision Pro is powered by M2 with a new chip called R1 that works on its own operating systems.  The eyewear features a glass front, aluminum frame, cameras, a frame with unique sensors, and a fan to keep it cool during operation.

The unique Vision Pro comes with a strap made of cloth-lined material, adjustable to fit different face shapes and head sizes.

A cool feature is the EyeSigh system which shows a glowing screen to inform others that the user is in full VR mode.

The Vision Pro lends digital content to your physical space, creates an infinite canvas that transforms how you use the apps you love, arrange apps and scale them to comfortable sizes just for you.

This will make workspaces different and more effective as users will be able to seamlessly move between tabs at a glance.

Users will now be able to transform any room into their own personal theatre and expand their favourite shows including games to sizes that beat a 4K TV.

From stunning content streaming to capturing photos in 3D, the Vision Pro creates an immersive space convenient enough while on a plane or in the confines of your own home.

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