What to really look for in a smartphone in 2023

HUAWEI nova 10 SE launches in South Africa
The exquisite HUAWEI nova 10 SE launches in South Africa A stylish smartphone with 108MP Hi-Res camera, 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge, 256GB big storage and much more. Photo: Supplied/Gearburn

Picking the ideal smartphone these days depends on brand loyalty as the brand loyal always claim.

What if there was objectivity, the idea to stretch beyond the brand and look for the ideal smartphone that’s suits your lifestyle and everyday needs?

What would you look for?

Content creation prowess

Post 2020 and into 2023, smartphone users have transformed from merely using their devices to receive calls and play games to selecting devices that can also deliver on the creativity front.

The ideal smartphone today must be content creation-ready.

It must come with a quality camera, something with over 12MP for the main and ultra-wide cameras, an aperture range with nan f/1.6, digital zoom ability of up to 5x, and a decent megapixel ready selfie camera.


The price of a device and its specs are two important features that are synonymous with a great phone. Looking at the budget users must consider both the software and processing power before the overall aesthetic of the device.

It’s important to look at the processing power of a device, the refresh rate when you’re a gamer, the camera and what the camera composition looks like when AI retouches some images.

The price will usually indicate craftsmanship and longevity.  Not always, but in most cases.


Selecting a decently performing device all comes after there’s a budget to meet the price.  The performance is irrelevant if the device cannot be bought.

When looking at performance, users must look at the battery life as a base.  Something in the above 4000mAh should power the device without an issue for the entire day.

The display. 

Does the smartphone have a decent display when looking directly at the device screen?

You may not care about the screen of the device but if you really think about it, that is one of the important aspects of any smartphone.

Something along the lines of a 1170 x 2532 pixels with around 460 PPI pixel density should ensure a decent view ratio.  A 6.1″ screen size should suffice but that is our pre-requisite.

Android or iPhone?

There are several operating systems but the most popular known are Android and iOS.  Apple is currently sitting at iOS 16 and usually comes with the benefit that developers usually release their app upgrades on iOS first.

Android users on the other hand gain the ability to switch devices effortlessly as devices come with cloning features which allow data from an old device to be transferred to a new one seamlessly.

Looking for a device requires understanding exactly what users want the device to do.  These days there are a variety of smartphones from different brands such as Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, Honor and other brands that deliver entry-level options as well as flagship-level devices.

Happy hunting and we can’t wait to hear your preference list.

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