iOS 17, the launch, what to expect and features simplified

In an update shift, the iOS 17 operating software has finally been launched for the iPhone and is expected to be rolled out globally today.

The operating system was announced earlier this year at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference and promised more features alongside more expressive communication, simplified sharing and a new and bolder full-screen experience.

Hot on the heels of the launch of the iPhone 15, iOS 17 brings a fuller-screen display to allow glanceable information to be viewed from a distance.

The screen will show features such as widgets, weather, calendar, and favourite photos as part of the upgrade.


Bolder contact posters

Think bolder contact posters, to view at a glance.

A customizable interface allowing users to set their preferences forms part of the new update to enable users to view notifications while the device charges.

Name drop

Next on the list of functions is contact sharing in the form of Name Drop. You can use this to share contacts with fellow iPhone users at a tap or scan of another device.

Updated Siri command

“Hey Siri,” has now been shortened to Siri not only on the iPhone but on other Apple devices. Users now only have to say Siri as a command to get the attention of Apple’s voice assistant.

Standby mode

Standby mode will allow users the ability to see certain information while the device is charging. Think pictures, the time, and other information such as the weather.

Interactive widgets

iPhone users will have the ability to customize widgets and use them interchangeably. Users can play music straight from the widget.

Messages interface change

The message interface will likely see a facelift and audio messages will have the option of being transcribed.

Live voicemail transcription

The live voicemail feature will provide real-time transcription on the screen when someone leaves a voicemail, should the users deem the message important.

Users will also have the ability to pick up a call while someone leaves a message.

Improved auto-correction

Apple boasts of an updated design on the iOS 17 in terms of the autocorrect feature.

Apple has added a state-of-the-art language model for word prediction that will improve autocorrection.

Machine learning will allow users to receive predictive text recommendations inline as they type or see suggestive text accessible when tapping the space bar.

The incoming update will also learn the users’ typing habits over time in order to lesson corrections.

New stickers

Live stickers, emoji’s and iMessage stickers have been created.

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