WATCH: Fashion forward, Project Primrose, the dress of the future

Project Primrose. A digital dress.

The age of the digital garment is here, and the reality of digital fashion in the fashion industry is on the fast track to take space and forge deeper engagements with the future fashion creative.

In 2023, there is a term most people will and must get accustomed to known as digital dressing and design.

It’s a term that describes the ability to wear digital garments with a combination of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and or digitally altered images.

A quick search fingers Dutch startup The Fabricant as the worlds first to deliver a digital garment titled Iridescence.

The digital dress harnessed 2D pattern-cutting software and 3D design software, which when coupled with film rendering tools create what is described as hyper-real clothing.

What’s the point?

The point comes in the form of the latest dress by Christine Dierk, under the title Project Cambria. This week, traditional clothing was described as static as innovation took a step forward.

During Adobe’s annual Max conference, Dierk said many designers use Adobe to create designs to express their creativity.

“Illustrator iterating is easy. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the garment themselves could reconfigure themselves just as easy?”

She introduced Project Primrose a digital dress that brings fabric to life. Through a quick presentation, the dress changed colour patterns as Dierk presented.

“Unlike traditional clothing which is static Primrose allows me to refresh my look in a moment.”

Dierk and her team designed the dress and she says Project Primrose is a canvas for creativity and the possibilities are endless.

She says her team is excited for a future where fashion is dynamic and not static to pave more ways for creatives to express themselves.

(Video: CNET)

A few other new AI-powered prototype tools were being showcased at Adobe’s annual Max conference which include an object-aware editing tool that identifies individual objects in photographs so they can be easily moved, edited or deleted.

The conference is to showcase innovation with a perfect example being a prototype known as Project See Through that will likely allow users to be able to take a picture of someone through a window and accessing the ability to get rid of annoying reflections in the glass in the final image.

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