ThinQ differently this festive with LG’s smart refrigerator

When it comes to efficiency, control is the primary word, and having control over devices is the ultimate flex, ask any tech head.

Think of going away only to remember leaving a device on. This is the conundrum and it seems LG, which prides itself on the solution “life’s Good” understands just what the consumer needs.

Looking at their LG smart refrigerator, we see advanced features such as Wi-Fi control which allows users to manage their refrigerator remotely which offers a ton of convenience.

“During the season where every moment counts, the efficiency offered by an LG smart refrigerator holds the power to positively transform a holiday experience,” says Sung Woo Lee, Home Appliance Product Director at LG Electronics South Africa.

The refrigerator with its wi-fi control feature allows users to check and adjust the temperature, create extra ice for unexpected guests, or switch to an energy-saving mode while they are away.

This is all thanks to LG’s cleverly designed LG ThinQ app.

Store your dishes at the perfect temperature before serving, control the perfect refrigerator temperature, and gain meticulous control of the temperature all remotely using your smart device.

This is what LG offers, and reminds consumers how much easier life can be if the goal is to have an easier “good life.”

Go on holiday and monitor, adjust, and oversee refrigerator settings, receive notifications, and troubleshoot issues from anywhere.

Peace of mind while you’re away, that’s the sell.

“With these incredible refrigerators, even if you are planning to travel, you can minimize your power usage and cut costs on electricity bills by switching to vacation mode,” says Lee.

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