Seat’s Ibiza Cupster concept is decidedly strange-looking


Seat has decided to celebrate 30 years of the Ibiza, its most successful model, with an incredibly weird-looking roadster concept called the Cupster.

The car, which has absolutely no roof and a wrap-around strip of glass in place of a windscreen, features a 132 kW / 180 PS TSI engine and DSG dual-clutch transmission and the kind of paint job that the stars of Jersey Shore only wish they could achieve in the tanning booth.

Or course, the lack of a real windscreen means that the seats have also had to be lowered, to the tune of 80mm. In a bid to give the Cupster a “racing feel”, those seats are, inevitably, racing seats which means that this probably isn’t the best car for cruising down a cobbled European street.

The fact that there’s no roof means that cramming the cockpit with tech probably wouldn’t be the wisest idea, so Seat’s decision to go for what it calls a “minimalist” feel is probably a wise one.

“The Ibiza has always been the heart of Seat — a young, dynamic car with an emotional design, a good head for the practical things in life and excellent value for money,” says Seat president Jürgen Stackmann, President. “At Wörthersee, we are celebrating the anniversary of our most successful model with the unique Ibiza Cupster”.



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