Can Local Motors bring track cars to the masses?

Local motors

Local motors

Unless you’re willing to race smashed up old bangers, track racing isn’t exactly the cheapest hobby on the planet to get into. Aside from the all the maintenance and fuel costs, you actually have to be able to afford something that’s fun to push to the limit around a track.

Local Motors, the US based company that allows people to design, build and bring their vehicle innovations to market, is aiming to bring down the cost of at least one of those things with its next project.

The company is looking to come up with something that’s front-engined, has manual gears and and sends all the power to the rear wheels. Oh and it should also look as good in exoskeleton mode (think Arial Atom and Caterham 7) as it does with an actual body.

And while it’s determined that the base model should be as affordable as possible, it also wants any potential buyers to be able to install “a full body, radio, air conditioning, cruise control, powered seats, etc”.

Here are the basic engineering specs in case you fancy getting involved:

  • Base model should include a 4 cylinder turbocharged engine, producing horsepower figures in the mid 200s
  • Vehicle weight for the stripped down version should be as light as possible, preferably under 1600 lbs.
  • Two seats, side by side configuration
  • Front engine, rear drive
  • manual transmission (with a clutch!)
  • Independent suspension front and rear

And here’s the video announcing the new project:



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