Suzuki’s 2017 vehicle lineup promises even sportier Swift

Can you guess which adorable, lovable little car is about to get an extra large fun pedal?

Thanks to Suzuki‘s latest model news, which promises six new cars within the next three years, we now know that the Suzuki Swift will be aimed at a more performance orientated crowd. According to Top Gear, this almost certainly means popping a turbocharger into the supermini.

In a car as light and small as a penny, it would mean a heightened driving experience, better torque delivery and lower fuel consumption — all wins in our book.

The current Suzuki Swift is not to be scoffed at though. It’s a car we’ve tested before and thoroughly loved. It was practical, nimble and for the South African buyer, an absolute peach. But when you add a more powerful engine, stiffer chassis and the promise of Golf GTI MK1 levels of fun, our hearts skip another few beats.

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It probably won’t be as “swift” as a Golf or Polo GTI for that matter, but it should be responsible for a lot of affordable tarmac related fun in the future.

And speaking of affordable, the company’s future will see a new Honda Jazz-like competitor that will take the city car baton for the company. It’ll likely be called the Celerio for some vegetarian inspired reason, and according to The Telegraph, the vehicle’s already a hit in India.

A slightly larger supermini is also expected to sit above the Swift in the pecking order, giving the Swift some license to increase the fun factor.

To complete the lineup, there’ll be a new Vitara, which firmly entrenches Suzuki in the world of affordable yet capable offroad vehicles, and a “funky model with 4×4 capabilities”, teases Suzuki UK’s David Wyatt.

We’re not exactly sure what this means, but we have an image of a Nissan Juke competitor in our heads. Whether “funky” means more ugly than the Juke, we’ll have to wait and see.

The sporty version of the Swift at least, should be expected around 2017.

Andy Walker, former editor


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