Egoista EM01 Stradale is the Formula E-inspired car of your dreams

Crowdfunding is a wonderful thing. It got bankrupt Caterham to the Abu Dhabi GP, and now it could get you a fully fledged open-wheel Formula E-like racing car for just US$10 000.

You might want to look away if you just bought a Bugatti Veyron for US$2.5-million.

The wonderfully named Egoista EM01 Stradale is for “for adrenaline lovers [and] egocentric people” and comes with pretty much all the bells and whistles you’d expect from an open-wheel Italian racer.

The car allegedly tops out at 290km/h and blasts from 0 to 100km/h in just three seconds thanks to a remarkable electric motor and low overall weight. But for those who desire the sound of a buzzing petrol engine, the Egoista Motors chaps can shove a motorcycle engine in the back for a little bit more, which gives it a lot more shove.

It’s a rather interesting project, considering the number of safety and road-legal issues that arise from crafting an open-wheeled, open-top car, but at least the EM01 Stradale conforms to emissions standards.

The man behind the dream, Luca Fazzi, was inspired by working alongside the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini in the Motor Valley region of Italy. And you can tell.

What’s more, Fazzi’s company has backing from Fisker Automotive’s Gianfranco Pizzuto. And Fisker pretty much only makes ridiculously quick electric cars.

It’s not all yellow fever either — the car’s fairly practical too. With an all electric range of 300km on one charge, bolting to work and back is highly possible. Carting groceries around though might not be so easy.

Egoista plans to begin shipping the car by June 2015 and you can choose to assemble the car yourself or have it delivered intact.

To make this all a reality, the company’s looking for US$100 000 in funding. At the time of writing it’s just short of US$3500.

Andy Walker, former editor


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