Ferrari’s Sergio Pininfarina tribute is completely fitting

Ferrari 458 Sergio Pininfarina

For all the impracticalities that will accompany it, there is something alluring and sexy about a car with no windscreen and lots of engine. Think of cars like the BAC Mono, Lamborghini’s Aventador J, and the Mercedes-McLaren SLR Stirling Moss. At last year’s Geneva Motor Show, Pininfarina unveiled the stunning Sergio concept car. Based on a Ferrari 458 and named after their late president, Sergio Pininfarina, the concept car was a fitting tribute to one of the world’s most renowned car designers.

In celebration of the Cambiano coachbuilder’s 60th anniversary of its collaboration with Ferrari, the famous Italian car maker has produced just six examples of the Sergio. And as expected of an extremely limited-edition Ferrari, all six have already been spoken for well before word got out about their existence. Each example of the Sergio was configured by its owner in dedicated sessions at Ferrari’s Tailor Made atelier in Maranello.

While the resulting car, based on a 458 Spider, carries over plenty of cues of Pininfarina’s original concept, such as the semi-floating front spoiler, black flying buttresses, and air vents on the rear deck, Ferrari wasn’t brave enough to leave out the windscreen. But their decision is made on grounds of safety. Even with the customisable freedom of Ferrari’s top-tier atelier programme, every resulting Ferrari has to retain the basic structure to comply with crash safety regulations and homologation purposes.

Nevertheless, it isn’t as though the Sergio’s six affluent owners would mind that detail. Not when it packs the screaming 605hp 4.5-litre V8 heart of the 458 Speciale, and boasts a 0 to 100kmph time of just 3 seconds. Quick enough for owners to be glad that it comes with a windscreen in the first place.

Chris Aaron


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