This radical Slovenian bike by Akrapovič looks completely insane [gallery]

Every now and then an ambitious concept design hits our radars which usually stay within the confines of pen, paper and animation wizards. It gets really interesting when they are actually crafted and showcased to the world.

Recently debuted at the Bad Salzuflen Custom bike Show in Germany, the so-called Full Moon motorcycle took the stage.

Designed by Slovinian exhaust manufacturer Akrapovič in partnership with Dreamachine Motorcycles the prototype looks like something the Silver Surfer would drive if he ever got tired of that board.

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While they only developed one of these prototypes, it took 800 hours to make.

As pointed out by Digital Trends, the Full Moon is carried by a 30″ front wheel, while its ludicrous body is structured as an integral part of the exhaust system.

As you can see, the 1 524cc S&S Knucklehead V-twin engine is completely exposed, meaning that it’s probably not the most practical thing out there.

“This is an extremely technically advanced motorcycle, full of unique elements that were carefully chosen to make the bike totally exclusive, and the shape hides completely new solutions used on a custom bike for the first time,” the company says. “The Full Moon is like no other bike out there now, and Akrapovič is very proud of it.”

left right

Moon 5

Subtle light fixtures and curves shows to what extent its creators honed in on the detail.

Moon 4

The bike has hydraulic suspension which means no kickstands are needed.

Moon 3

From certain angles the rear looks like a very sharp nose.

Moon 2

Curves much?


The whole design is centered around the exhausts.

Moon 6

Now that's a looker!

Not wooed yet? Take a look at the video below:

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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