Lamborghini Huracan destroyed in horror 320km/h smash [Video]

If you’re the owner of a shiny supercar, you probably enjoy stretching its legs on the open road once in a while, but there is a definite limit one should always stay well clear of. One pilot of a green Lamborghini Huracan didn’t quite take this mantra to heart.

One of the worst crash videos we’ve ever seen has just been made public by Hungarian police recorded from the passenger’s smartphone camera. The the incident took place back in September 2014.

Blasting down a road at 320km/h while shifting with your pinkie finger is not only a bad idea, it’s a terrible one. And at that speed, remaining stable on a bumpy motorway is nearly impossible.

So, what happened exactly? Well, the driver of one of the most desirable supercars on the planet lost control, spun and broke the guardrail bordering the road, crashing into a ditch.

Somehow both occupants were left relatively unscathed, but the car wasn’t. Reports suggest that it burst into flames and left a very expensive crash scene behind.

Let this be a lesson to all Lamborghini owners — its good to stretch your supercar’s legs once in a while, but make sure its a flat, smooth road for goodness sake. For a lesson in how not to drive a Lamborghini, have a look at the video below:

Andy Walker, former editor


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