This superyacht comes with a helipad, V12 supercar (and a hefty pricetag)

This has officially reestablished the insanity-scale; it now starts with an average day, then it escalates to a bank robber, next is Brazil’s performance in the 2014 Fifa world cup and now the most insane thing ever has got to be the Xhibitionist. No, not showing the public how proud you are of your bithday suit but now even getting naked in public for attention has a new definition.

Welcome aboard the superyacht Exhibitionist, where you can get as naked as you want, you’ll only have to spend around US$26-million to own it. The 230 ft (70m) long Eduard Gray-designed megayacht has been crafted to host the most epic celebrations that you could imagine.

We honestly couldn’t watch the video that CNN has posted when they dubbed this ultrayacht the “Batmobile’s lover”. Spoiler alert: the helicopter pad made out of solar panels is also a good place for a stage, you know.

Gucci embroided walls, Art Deco everywhere, a luxury resaurant that seats up to 350, a salon, 52-inch LED TVs, personalised state of the art sound systems for everyroom (Duh!). It also comes with a twin MTU 16V000 engine that has an optional Rolls Royce KaMeWa booster that creates a staggering 14 000hp and 55 knots (a solid 100km/h). I know what you are thinking: meh.

Still not raising your bar-o-awesome, obviously you’ve seen all of this before; it’s a yacht that would make 007 want to be your best friend, so what? Please dock your “average” extraud-a-yacht and just go down stairs to quickly reverse your matching coutesy 880HP, twin turbo, V12 supercar that has a top speed of 233mp/h (375 km/h) out the stern and onto the docks so you can soak up the coast line’s envy. Yes, that’s right. The Exhibitionist comes with a freaking supercar.

Founder of the Swedish company Strand Craft, Kurt Strand, said: “It is very unique and we are making it in limited numbers, so it’s exclusive, we are only making six. It has a very futuristic design and nothing like this has ever been made before. It even has bulletproof windows.”

Image via Daily Mail



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