Discovery again challenges SA road users to drive better

South African insurance giant Discovery is once again challenging South African road users to improve their driving. Anyone who downloads the company’s free driving app and uses it between 10 August to 31 October 2015 stands a chance at winning a share of R1-million in BP fuel vouchers.

If you want a chance at the prize though, you have to ensure that you come in among the top drivers in the country.

Discovery says it launched the challenge to help drivers improve their driving behaviour with the aim of making South Africa roads safer for all. Up to 90% of accidents are caused by poor driver behaviour, the main culprits being alcohol, speeding and distracted driving; with the use of cellphones while driving being one of the top causes of distraction.

“These behaviours can be modified to lower the number of accidents on our roads. All we need to do, as a nation, is work together to become more aware of the driving behaviours that increase risk for accidents,” says CEO of Discovery Insure, Anton Ossip. This ties in to Discovery Insure’s vision of creating safer roads and a nation of better drivers. And, says Ossip, “The Discovery Insure Driving Challenge is a good place to start if you want to know how you rate as a driver. The app measures some of the behaviours thatincrease risk on the roads, and gives drivers a score with details of how to improve their driving behaviour for greater road safety for everyone.”

The Disvoery app measures factors such as speed, acceleration, harsh breaking, cornering and cellphone use while driving – all factors that play a role in a driver’s safety on the road and rewards the top performing drivers.

The challenge is meant to build upon the success of the 2014 edition, which saw 60 000 participants download the app. It also helped Discovery collect over 70 million kilometres of driving behaviour data.

On average, those who took part in this Challenge improved their driving behaviour by 20% within the first two days. The average trip rating was 3.5 out of 5 over the three months of the first Challenge.

The outcome of the initial Discovery Insure Driving Challenge showed women were better drivers than men. Interestingly though, men were more prone to speeding and harsh cornering, and women harsh braking and cellphone use. Now there’s a chance for men to turn the result of the first Discovery Insure Driving Challenge around.

The second Discovery Insure Driving Challenge is open to all road users in South Africa.



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