7 car mashups that absolutely 100% should not exist

We’ve all done it at one point or another: tried to imagine what combining the best qualities of great cars would result in. What would happen if you combined the styling of a classic Alfa with the performance of contemporary BMW 7-Series?

Thing is, the results are probably nowhere near as good as you imagine them to be.

Want proof? Take a look at these mashups created by UK-based car-selection site CarWow.

To be fair, the site created the mashups as an exercise in creating the worst combinations it could come up with:

What if car companies teamed up with their rivals to create a ‘best of both’ sports car? Or what if – heaven forbid – Fiat and Ferrari hopped into bed to create a sporty MPV?

While some of the below creations are best left to the dungeon dimensions, there are actually a couple that we wouldn’t mind seeing in the real world.

1. Toyonda Supra-2000


The cars: Honda S2000 and Toyota Supra

What happens when you combine two of the greatest Japanese sports cars in history? Well, it’s certainly not a looker, and that massive spoiler looks like it’d do more harm than good but with a little bit of effort, you could probably turn this into something interesting.

2. Jaguar Ford-Type


The cars: Jaguar F-Type and American Ford Raptor

Actually, you know what, we’d totally drive this. In fact, we wouldn’t bet against a particularly rich South African industrialist-turned farmer trying to build a car exactly like this at some point in the future.

Still, the grille could stand to be a little more aggressive.

3. Mergani H-Class


The cars: Pagani Huayra and Mercedes Benz E-Class Estate

What happens if you want the performance of a completely bonkers supercar, with the practicality of a large family station wagon? You get the kind of unholy abomination that would make small children cry.

4. Mazda MX-RX-5-7


The cars: Mazda MX-5 and RX-7

We’re actually going to disagree with CarWow here. Mazda should absolutely, 100% build a car like this. The only amendment we’d make is a more prominent grille.

5. Fiarri 488L


The cars: Ferrari 488 GTB and Fiat 500L

No. Just no.

6. Volvigsegg CCX90


The cars: Volvo XC90 and Koenigsegg Agera R

Just because both of these carmakers are Swedish, doesn’t mean they would be perfectly aligned. The Volvigsegg looks like the kind of thing the mind of an easily distracted 10-year-old would produce.

7. Lexota LFAygo


The cars: Lexus LFA and Toyota Aygo

Look, let’s be totally fair for a moment here: Toyota combining its bottom and top-end vehicles doesn’t look all that different from the kind of car you see on the street-racing circuit. But that doesn’t mean it’s something that should actually exist.

Also, asking the Aygo components to deal with the LFA speeds might be a bit much.



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