Four in five UK teens believe that their first car will be electric

Tesla Model S

My first car was a petrol powered dinosaur made by Toyota, which I thought was the pinnacle of automotive engineering. But times are definitely changing.

According to a new survey undertaken by Go Ultra Low, a UK government-backed campaign to increase the sales of low-emission vehicles, found that 80% of teens queried aged 14 years believe that their first car will be electric.

It’s quite a staggering number, and made even more staggering by this factoid: around 90% of them believe that all cars on the road currently should be electric.

Electric car sales have seen a massive growth spurt in developed countries like the UK, with the latter enjoying sales up by around 26% year-on-year. Although that only equates to just under 4000 vehicles in September of this year, it’s an interesting number considering that 2.7-million cars were registered in the country in 2014.

In the first nine months of 2015, electric vehicles have seen growth of 138% in the UK.

While the electric vehicle’s popularity is apparent and growing in certain areas of the globe, electric vehicles continue to be a rare sight on South African roads. Electric car sales up until July 2015 suggests that just over 140 vehicles were sold, spanning the BMW i series, and the Nissan Leaf.

So, with that said, are you intending to buy your 14-year-old a Tesla in the future? Let us know in the comments section below.



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