VW confirms limited edition Golf GTI TCR pricing in South Africa

vw golf gti tcr

VW is bidding its Golf 7 goodbye with a very fitting final edition GTI.

By far the most dominant car in its class, the Golf 7 is schedule to be replaced Golf 8 in early 2021. As is customary, VW has left the best for last, celebrating the maturity of its Golf 7 product range with a rather special GTI derivative.

The South African consignment of 300 GTI TCRs will each carry significant provenance.

Most customers will see these cars are investments and future classics. As such, each local GTI TCR will feature unique serial numbering.

VW will also provide a certificate of authenticity, something owners are well advised to keep in safe stowage, if they ever wish to realise the full profit potential of selling their GTI TCR.

The TCR is distinguished from other GTIs by its 19-inch Reifnitz alloy wheels and inside it is built with sport seats and Alcantara trim. VW’s South African GTI TCRs will be marketed in three colour options: white, grey and red.

Unlike most other markets, these local GTI TCRs are all five-door versions of the Golf 7 platform, instead of the three-door configuration — which is more popular in Europe.

Powered by the latest version of VW’s celebrated 2-litre turbocharged engine, the GTI TCR boosts 213kW and 380Nm. Those numbers make it the most powerful front-wheel Golf to ever be sold in South Africa.

Only transmission option will be available, VW’s excellent six-speed dual-clutch. Performance claims register a 0-100kph time of 5.6 seconds and top speed of 264kph.

Balancing the GTI TCR’s dynamics are performance brakes and VW’s dynamic chassis control.

VW’s most potent front-wheel drive Golf is due to reach South African dealers by July and prices start at R669 000.

Feature image: VW

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