Volvo’s EX30 affordable EV for SA

Volvo has committed to electric vehicles with a greater purposefulness than many of its European rivals.

Since being recapitalized by Chinese automotive company, Geely, Volvo has delivered a range of hybridized and electric vehicles. It has also launched the Polestar sub-brand, targeted at electric vehicle buyers who desire enhanced performance, with zero vehicle emissions.

In the South African market, Volvo has recently launched its XC40 Recharge. But there’s even more product excitement to come with the global reveal of EX30. This is Volvo’s most compact SUV/crossover yet, and might create new opportunities for South Africans who desire to own an electric vehicle.

An EV below R800k

Beyond its typically tasteful Swedish design and wonderfully human-centric cabin architecture, EX30 features a very sensible battery specification. Because of its compact size, there is no requirement for enormous batteries, which add weight and cost, to achieve a reasonable driving range.

The EX30 will have two battery energy densities: 51- and 69kWh. Performance credentials are particularly strong, with the flagship 315kW version capable of 0-100km/h in only 3.6 seconds.

South African buyers will be most interested in the Core Single Motor version, built with a 51kWh nickel manganese cobalt battery. Its 200kW motor should provide credible performance and a claimed driving range of 344km. All for only R775 900, a value offering unrivalled by other brands, with electric vehicles, in the local market.

EX30 has potent UX

Volvo was an early adopter of the portrait-mounted infotainment screen, and EX30 has a 12.3-inch high-contrast interface.

Powered by a Snapdragon processor, menu and function lag won’t be an issue. Google software is pre-loaded into the EX30, delivering intuitive access to Google Assistant and Maps. Apple ecosystem users will have the option of wireless CarPlay.

The cabin architecture is home to an interesting acoustics arrangement, with no speakers present in the EX30’s doors. All infotainment sound sources from a soundbar, mounted atop the dashboard. Although this configuration is unusual, Volvo’s proven legacy of innovation, is never in doubt.

Followers of all things Volvo and SUV, will be familiar with the cross country badge. EX30 will gain a cross country variant next year, featuring smaller 18-inch wheels, with all-terrain tyres, and additional adventure vehicle accessories.

Lance Branquinho


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