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eActros trucks to electrify local logistics

eActros is a moment for Mercedes-Benz. For decades, the brand’s trucks have been used in light, medium, and severe duty trucking logistics, connecting goods and services to market, throughout South Africa.

The Actros range has introduced several pioneering technologies to the domestic trucking market, and with eActros, that theme is now electrified.

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South Africa’s passenger car demand for EVs might be low, but commercial users, with more sophisticated data and control systems, have proven keener. The lack of available models and variants has stalled ambitions for many fleets to operate battery-powered trucks, but that is changing.

eActros advantages

Running a fleet with zero onboard emission is a primary consideration for battery-powered truck buyers, but trucks like eActros also offer several benefits beyond carbon and diesel emissions hygiene.

A battery truck’s instantaneous torque delivery is valuable when operating in urban areas with steep topography and narrow roads, reducing the throttle coordination burden on drivers. This creates a long-term maintenance benefit regarding gearbox wear and clutch replacements.

Another benefit is the eActros range’s near-silent peak power delivery, allowing these trucks to operate with maximum hauling power in sound-sensitive zones, causing much less acoustics disturbance than a diesel truck. Lower noise levels are pertinent when lingering at depot collection or delivery points, during odd hours, in urbanized environments.

Potent motors

Mercedes-Benz trucks are now offering South African customers two grades of the eActros: the 300 and 400. What do those naming conventions mean? They correlate to the engineered operational range for these Mercedes-Benz battery trucks.

The 300 and 400 are built with electric motors delivering 330kW of continuous power output, escalating to 400kW of peak power when needed. Gearing is two-speed forward and reverse, with a governed top speed of 89km/h.

High-capacity recharging

The eActros 300 features three integrated lithium-ion chemistry batteries with an energy density of 336kWh. Its estimated operational range is 330km, and if you have access to a powerful 160kW charger, recharging from 20- to 80% can be done in 75 minutes.

But what about loadability? Body and payload ratings are 8.2- to 16.1 tons. In the tractor configuration, the 300 is rated for a 40-ton CGM.

Operators who need more range can choose the eActros 400, which adds a fourth battery pack, growing energy density to 448kWh and 20- to 80% battery recharging time to 100 minutes. Claimed operational range is 400km.

Although the e Actros 400 has greater range than the 300, its additional battery weight slightly reduces loadability, with a maximum body and payload rating of 15.4 tons versus the 300’s 16.1 tons.

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