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EV Map for greener road trips

Nobody envisages their dream African vacation becoming a logistical issue. But the tyranny of geography and infrastructure are real issues.

For adventure travellers, the wisdom has always been choosing a diesel rental vehicle. Because diesel is the industrial fuel that powers rural Africa, it’s more widely distributed than unleaded petrol, reducing your refuelling risk.

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But what about EVs? Many adventure travellers have some spectrum of environmental awareness. And if you believe in travelling with a sense of mission regarding your carbon footprint, the challenge of aligning your itinerary with charging infrastructure and availability is real.

That’s where device technology offers a solution. Drive South Africa’s primary business is online vehicle rental appropriate for true adventure and Sarari travel: 4x4s, campers and luxury family cars. Responding to customer demand, the Drive South Africa team has developed a South African EV Map, with intelligent proximity functions.

The EV Map that matters

Drive South Africa’s EV Map helps you find the closest charging station with the most intuitive UX. The map features more than 300 charging stations and will be updated as new chargers are added.

How does it work? It uses your live location tracking and conveniently integrates directions and contact details.

The Discover Africa Group isn’t a late adopter of online logistics and routing tools. It has proven experience and software engineering expertise, helping travellers integrate digitisation for a more immersive and valuable tourism experience.

An example is Discover Africa Group’s HerdTracker app, allowing movement tracking of the Great Wildebeest Migration herd across Tanzania and Kenya in East Africa.

If enjoying your South African vacation is a function of actively carbon offsetting while driving, using an EV is a given. And with the Drive EV Map, you can confidently embrace your vacation and sense of mission when travelling by EV, without edge-case range anxiety.

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