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All posts tagged "5fm"

  • Pigspotter still at large — nearly 50 000 followers and counting

    One of the biggest jibes from those who scoff at social-networking is the inherent narcissism within it. It may seem unfair but no user can truly deny that there isn't a grain of truth to it. In that vein, with millions of people trying to carve out their niche and make a splash, dust-ups and controversies are a dime a dozen on social-networks. However, it’s somewhat surprising when those outside of social-networks are dragged in, or rather, join into those ruckuses, as happened with the case of @PigSpotter, for example. More than six months have passed since the Pigspotter controversy broke...

  • The 10 biggest South African Facebook Pages

    For the past four years the Facebook wave has been breaking over South Africa, bringing a deluge of excitement, controversy and hype with it. During that time the user base has grown from less than 10 000 to well over three-million people. To put it in context, if our population had grown at the same rate as our Facebook users, there would now be 15-billion South Africans on the planet. That’s great for Mark Zuckerberg and his crew of teenage gazillionaires, but what does it mean for South African brands? In theory the platform gives marketers an unparallelled opportunity to...

  • How I use Twitter: Q&A with Gareth Cliff

    According to a recent report, 5fm radio DJ Gareth Cliff is one of the most-talked about personalities in the South African Twittersphere. With the “shock-jock” also ranking among the top three Twitter users with the most followers in the country, Memeburn.com put a few questions to the often-controversial Cliff to get his take on Twitter, Helen Keller and getting in trouble. Memeburn: You have been identified as one of the biggest Tweeters in South Africa. What does that mean to you? Gareth Cliff: I think it is great that so many people want to hear my thoughts and jokes, see my...