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All posts tagged "Aids"

  • Future HIV tests might use a USB flash drive-like device

    Scientists at the Imperial College London and DNA Electronics have created a device which could help to save lives of HIV suffers. The device, which is about as small as a USB flash drive, creates an electrical signal which can be read by any PC or handheld device with a USB port. The "flash drive" uses a mobile phone chip which requires a small sample of blood placed on it. Blood containing the HIV virus will differ to non-infected blood by way of acidity. The chip can read these acidity levels and subsequently notify patients, doctors or researchers. According to the scientists, 991 blood...

  • #HasJustineLandedYet: Racist tweet sparks online outrage

    When Justine Sacco sent out a tweet about her impending trip to Africa just prior to her flight from Heathrow taking off, she may have thought she was being cheeky or risqué. It's unlikely however that she expected to kick off an international bout of Twitter outrage. In the Tweet, subsequently deleted, Sacco jokes about not having to worry about contracting HIV in Africa because of the colour of her skin: The tweet immediately provoked anger across the Twittersphere. Sacco, who is a PR executive at media giant InterActiveCorp (better known as IAC) was, of course, unaware that...

  • Mobile HIV service to launch on World Aids Day

    Aids kills millions of people around the world every year, many of whom don't know that they're HIV positive. Others do know their status but might not know what medications are available to them. That's why the integration of the info4africa HCT (HIV Counselling and Testing) database into the YoungAfricaLive (YAL) youth focused mobile social network is potentially very important. Announced today by Praekelt Foundation and info4africa, the new feature will provide...